11 Unicorns is a unique duo consisting of two Artists with two different backgrounds. They met in 2019, had the same vision and started creating music, performing LIVE-DJ-Sets world-wide and producing Tracks in their own music-studio in Berlin.

Together 11 unicorns produce music ranging from deep house to techno, playing LIVE Dj sets with Synthesizers, Percussion and drums, creating a very unique sound and club experience


October 2019: “MissUnderstood” (Single)

November 2019: “Tartarus” (Single)

December 2019: “YOU” (Single)

March 2020: “LOVE” (Single)

June 2020: “Sonder” (Single)

Maree Walch decided to pursue her passion and moved to Berlin in 2014. In order to realize her dream and prove her ability, she decided to study Electronic Music Production and Live Performance at the DBs Music School: Queen of Hearts was born.

After only a few months residencies already took place in three Berlin clubs. In addition to her work as a promotions manager in a club, Maree even began to book Djs and promoters. She also produced her own monthly event, where she could play her own music and gather the crowd’s feedback. Years later she left her club job behind to focus more on music production and finding her very own sound. She quickly was accepting Dj bookings worldwide.

Marcus Engel started his career early playing in several punk bands as a teenager, writing songs and producing records with many artists in Germany, playing major Music Festivals and several tours all over the world until he moved to Berlin at the age of 25 where he developed his affection for electronic music and beats, experimenting with new sounds, electronic gear and dance rhythms.

Together Marc and Maree are creating something that combines all of their talents and passion for electronic music, aiming to bring their new sound in every club and festival and excite people with their positive and energetic live show all over the world, combining the best of both worlds, DJ and live music in 11 Unicorns.

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