11 Unicorns is a Berlin based international DJ Duo composed by Maree Walch and Marcus Engel, Together they produce music ranging from deep house to techno, playing LIVE Dj sets with Synthesizers, Percussion and drums, creating a very unique sound and club experience.

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“When 2 become 1” is not only a Spice Girls quote, in 11 Unicorns case, it’s more or less the theme of this extraordinary collective. Two different musicians meet and become one. Both combine their influences and musical background and create something new – something everyone need to experience. The most charming and ambitious international DJ, who plays gigs in Greece, Ibiza, Dubai, Berlin, India, Asia, Australia and a talented musician who’s also known for his incredible songwriting and producing skills, with a punk rock band background who also plays world wide, join forces and experiment with new sounds. Live electronic drums, synth and percussions meet and are mixed with fresh underground techno, deep house, tech house, deep tech, afro beats and the list continues. Imagine the most special vibe on a festival floor filled with positive atmosphere – the ultimate night-out experience everyone’s aiming for – 11 Unicorns will make sure you’ll experience it and leave mind blown after their gig.